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ODIN Latest Update Userdate File Select

Odin Latest Update Ver. 3.13.1its windows application for windows and mac computer for Samsung Smartphones and Tablets, Its allows you to flash the stock ROM in Samsung devices, you can also Flash developer Rom, user data,  Odin Latest Update Ver. 3.13 Its latest version is released and available for direct download from our website. If you are interested in downloading the latest Odin Latest Update Ver. 3.13 then simply follow the link given at the bottom. It is free to download and very easy to use. So download and enjoy the new Odin Latest Update Ver. 3.13 on your PC.

Official v3.13.1 Changelog
-Support for compressed binary files (LZ4)
-Support for Android O (Oreo)
-Implement 80 ports Mass D / L
-DVIF for Mac bundle

Developed and successfully tested for my Verizon Samsung s8 g950u to g950u1 and combination firmware packages.
Confirmed working on an unlocked S9+ g965U1 to VZW g965u.
additional confirmation: G950w from G950u

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