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GSM ALADDIN 1.42 Full Working Crack Released

GSM ALADDIN 1.42 Update Info. 

  ¡ñ MTK Improve IMEI repair in META mode 
  ¡ñ MTK Add HelioX20/MT6797 IMEI support  
  ¡ñ MTK Add HelioX20/MT6797 Read/write support 
  ¡ñ MTK Add HelioX20/MT6797 format support 
  ¡ñ MTK Add MT6797 reset code/Clear Anti-theft support  
  ¡ñ MTK Add MT6797 read phonebook/clear frp support
  ¡ñ MTK Improve Memory Read
  ¡ñ MTK Improve MT6755 Read/write/format
  ¡ñ MTK Improve MT6755 IMEI repair  
  ¡ñ Android Add Qualcomm FRP reset(Method2)first
  ¡ñ Android Add Samsung FRP reset(ADB)first
  ¡ñ Software fix some bugs

  ¡ñ MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 Unlock Anti piracy support
  ¡ñ MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 Unlock Phone lock support
  ¡ñ MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 Unlock Account lock support
  ¡ñ MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 IMEI support
  ¡ñ MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 Read/write support
  ¡ñ MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 reset code/Clear Anti-theft support
  ¡ñ MTK Add MEIZU NOTE2 read phonebook/clear frp support
  ¡ñ MTK Add sign format firmware write support
  ¡ñ SPD SC7731 EMMC(NEW) Improve Boot and Add New mobile support
  ¡ñ SPD SC7715/30 Android Add HWINFO read/write
  ¡ñ SPD SC7715/30 Android Add repair IMEI in BOOT MODE
  ¡ñ Software fix some bugs

  ¡ñ MTK Improve MT67xx Write and Format
  ¡ñ SPD SC9830 EMMC Add New mobile support
  ¡ñ MTK Flasher Improve and Add Auto Read Firmware Info 
  ¡ñ Android Add Wipe Dalvik-cache(ADB)
  ¡ñ Samsung Add Repair DRK(ADB)
  ¡ñ Android Add Sideload ZIP Update system(ADB) 
  ¡ñ Android Improve Install APK and Add Reboot Download(ADB)
  ¡ñ Android Add Repair IMEI(Fastboot)  
  ¡ñ Android Add Repair MEID(Fastboot) 
  ¡ñ Android Add File-Lock(Fastboot)  
  ¡ñ Android Add Get-Token(Fastboot)  
  ¡ñ Android Add Goto-RUU(Fastboot)  
  ¡ñ Android Add FlashZip for update(fastboot)
  ¡ñ Software fix some bugs

  ¡ñ MTK Add Nokia RM-1134 read/write bin support
  ¡ñ MTK Add Nokia RM-1134 Unlock/format support
  ¡ñ MTK Add Read/Write Preloader support 
  ¡ñ MTK Improve Repair IMEI(BT mode)(first)
  ¡ñ MTK Improve Read/Format(Android)
  ¡ñ MTK Improve Fix DL and MT6582 read Pattern/PhoneBook
  ¡ñ SPD Add FRP reset in format
  ¡ñ SPD Improve Read Add "Skip userdata" (Android)
  ¡ñ HTC Add HTC SPrint Phone Unlock
  ¡ñ Software fix some bugs

  ¡ñ MTK Add MTK Flasher(Android)
  ¡ñ MTK Flasher Support MT65xx,MT67xx,MT81xx Scatter write
  ¡ñ MTK Add Nokia RM-1172 read/write bin support
  ¡ñ MTK Add Nokia RM-1172 Unlock/format support
  ¡ñ MTK Add EMMC Repart Internal memory support(meta)
  ¡ñ MTK Improve MT6572,MT6583 support
  ¡ñ MTK Improve Anti-theft/Frp
  ¡ñ MTK/SPD Add Mircale AV virus DB
  ¡ñ Software fix some bugs

File Name: GSM ALADDIN 1.42 Full Working Crack
Download Version: V2.1.42
File type: compressed/Zip File
File Size: 80MB
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