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SAMSUNG SM-J510F CHARGING & MIC Solution Jumper Problem Ways
SAMSUNG SM-J510F is its charging problem, and this is mainly because if your charging connector is giving you problems then sooner or later your phone is going to be out of charge hence rendering you completely helpless, therefore it is highly recommended that one should get it fixed as soon as one notices any such charging issues.In the following lines you will get to know about some of the charging problems related to SAMSUNG SM-J510Falong with their solution.

SAMSUNG SM-J510F is not charging at all.
Phone charges really very slow.
Phone does not give any response when charger is connected.

Reasons of Problems
Phone could be water damaged.
Dust particles might be present in charging connector.
Your SAMSUNG SM-J510F charger might be faulty.
Connection in the phone might be broken.
Phone is encountered any physical damage.
Any of the capacitors might be faulty.
Charging IC might be faulty.

If the charging is slow then all you have to do is to check with any other SAMSUNG SM-J510F charger, but you have to make sure that the charger is original, as slow charging issues almost always occurs with phones using 3rd party chargers.
Clean battery charging pins and check.
Clean charging connector pins.
Hardware Solution SAMSUNG SM-J510F Charging Problem
The very first thing that you need to do is to check voltage at the testing point 1 (as mentioned above in Figure). The voltage should be around 4.9V to 5V. other testing points are for USB connector.
After removing body of your SAMSUNG SM-J510F, the very first thing that you need to do is to re-solder first pin of charging connector and check.
Check the fuse and diode for possible open and short circuit.
If same problem Check Charging connector ways marked in below image.

SAMSUNG SM-J510F Charging Jumper Solution Ways
If any Charging ways is missing then make a jumper with the help of Jumper Wire.
If all Charging track ways is working means then replace Charging Connector. Your problem will solved.

Note: Please note that even though every solution posted on our website is tested by one or more members of our team before posting, but still we do not take any responsibility for any damage it may cause to your cell phones. Use these repairing solutions at your own risk. Thank You.

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