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Download Android Ultimate Toolbox Pro

Android Ultimate Toolbox Pro is a free app developed by Aleksandar Despotovski and allows you to flash your Android device.

This application allows you to perform tasks such as flash carnels, flash recovery images, flash flash system images, flash data images, flash splash images, install APKs (system and user), unpack APKs, repack APKs and sign Apks.

Android Ultimate Toolbox Pro can also transfer files between phone and PC, sync phone data, and back up and install APK files.

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☞ crator
☞ signer
☞ Flash karnels, recovery images, update zip, system images, data images and splash images
☞ Install, uninstall and repack APKs
☞ Sign APKs
☞ Deodex APKs, Jars (boot computer and devices)
☞ Zip-align APKs
☞ Check MD5 sums
☞ File manager
☞ Root checker
☞ Root and unroot device
☞ Logger (logcat and dmesg)
☞ Rebooter (normal reboot, reboot in recovery, reboot in bootloader, reboot from fastboot)
☞ Backup manager
☞ Backup/restore apps
☞ Device ID configurator (device name, build number, Android version)
☞ Lock or unlock bootloader
☞ Wipe (system, data, chace, boot, recovery)

 Android Ultimate Toolbox Pro

Android Ultimate Toolbox Pro created and distributed by Aleksandar Despotovski

Compatible : Android Ultimate Toolbox Pro runs smoothly on Windows XP , Windows 7, to Windows 10 (32Bit , 64 Bit)

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