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Nokia Care Suite Download Here

Nokia Care Suite is a free and official flash tool for Nokia Asha and Lumia (windows) phones.Nokia Care Suite 5.6 include 5 tools : Fuse, Multi IMEI Reader, Multi Software Updater 5, Product Support Tool For Store 5 and Troubleshooting.Product Support Tool For Store 5 flash Supported models list :

RM-761 (Nokia Asha 200)
RM-763 (Nokia Ahsa 303)
RM-781 (Nokia Asha 300)
RM-799 (Nokia Asha 201)
RM-800 (Nokia Ahsa 201)
RM-813 (Nokia Asha 302)
RM-884 (Nokia Asha 302)
RM-803 (Nokia Lumia 710)
RM-809 (Nokia Lumia 710)
RM-807 (Nokia 808 PureView)
RM-832 (Nokia Asha 203)
RM-834 (Nokia Ahsa 202)
RM-810 (Nokia 111)
RM-811 (Nokia 111)
RM-827 (Nokia RM-827)
RM-837 (Nokia 112)
RM-871 (Nokia 113)
RM-808 (Nokia Lumia 900)
RM-823 (Nokia Lumia 900)
RM-802 (Nokia Lumia 800C)
RM-835 (Nokia Lumia 610)
RM-836 (Nokia Lumia 610)
RM-849 (Nokia Lumia 610)
RM-724 (Nokia C2-05)
RM-725 (Nokia C2-05)
RM-819 (Nokia RM-819)
RM-801 (Nokia Lumia 800)
RM-596 (Nokia N8-00)
RM-601 (Nokia C6-01)
RM-609 (Nokia E6-00)
RM-626 (Nokia N7-00)
RM-639 (Nokia X3-02)
RM-640 (Nokia C3-01)
RM-659 (Nokia X7-00.1)
RM-662 (Nokia C3-01)
RM-670 (Nokia 700)
RM-675 (Nokia C7-00)
RM-679 (Nokia T7-00)
RM-691 (Nokia T7-00.1)
RM-692 (Nokia C2-02)
RM-693 (Nokia C2-02.1)
RM-694 (Nokia X2-02)
RM-702 (Nokia C2-03/C2-07/C2-08)
RM-704 (Nokia C2-00)
RM-707 (Nokia X7-00)
RM-718 (Nokia X6-01)
RM-730 (Nokia 702T)
RM-749 (Nokia Oro)
RM-750 (Nokia 500)
RM-754 (Nokia 801T)
RM-772 (Nokia X2-05)
RM-774 (Nokia 701)
RM-775 (Nokia X3-02i)
RM-776 (Nokia C3-01i)
RM-779 (Nokia N603)
RM-766 (Nokia Asha 305)
RM-767 (Nokia Asha 306)
RM-768 (Nokia Asha 306)
RM-696 (Nokia N9)
RM-714 (Nokia Asha 311)
RM-872 (Nokia Asha 206)
RM-873 (Nokia Asha 206)
RM-862 (Nokia Asha 205)
RM-863 (Nokia Asha 205)
RM-864 (Nokia Asha 205)
RM-824 (Nokia Asha 820)
RM-825 (Nokia Asha 820)
RM-826 (Nokia Asha 820)
RM-845 (Nokia Asha 822)
RM-867 (Nokia Asha 920T)
RM-846 (Nokia Asha 620)
RM-852 (Nokia Asha 308)
RM-821 (Nokia Asha 920)
RM-822 (Nokia Asha 920)
RM-889 (Nokia Asha 510)
RM-898 (Nokia Asha 510)
RM-907 (Nokia RM-907)
RM-878 (Nokia Lumia 810)
RM-838 (Nokia Asha 308)
RM-843 (Nokia Asha 309)
RM-911 (Nokia Asha 310)
RM-913 (Nokia Asha 913)
RM-914 (Nokia Lumia 520)
RM-915 (Nokia RM-915)
RM-917 (Nokia Lumia 521)
RM-923 (Nokia Lumia 505)
RM-885 (Nokia Lumia 720)
RM-887 (Nokia Lumia 720T)
RM-860 (Nokia Lumia 928)
RM-921 (Nokia Ahsa 502 Dual SIM)
RM-839 (Nokia 301)
RM-840 (Nokia 301)
RM-841 (Nokia 301)
RM-924 (Nokia Ahsa 210 Dual SIM)
RM-925 (Nokia Ahsa 210)
RM-926 (Nokia Ahsa 210)
RM-928 (Nokia Ahsa 210 Dual SIM)
RM-929 (Nokia Ahsa 210)
RM-899 (Nokia Ahsa 501)
RM-902 (Nokia Ahsa 501)
RM-900 (Nokia Ahsa 501)
RM-892 (Nokia Lumia 925)
RM-893 (Nokia Lumia 925)
RM-910 (Nokia Lumia 925)
RM-941 (Nokia Lumia 625)
RM-942 (Nokia Lumia 625)
RM-943 (Nokia Lumia 625)
RM-927 (Nokia Lumia Icon)
RM-875 (Nokia Lumia 1020)
RM-876 (Nokia Lumia 1020)
RM-877 (Nokia Lumia 1020)
RM-952 (Nokia 515 Dual SIM)
RM-953 (Nokia 515)
RM-944 (Nokia 108 Dual SIM)
RM-945 (Nokia 108)
RM-948 (Nokia 208)
RM-949 (Nokia 208)
RM-950 (Nokia 208)
RM-956 (Nokia 208)
RM-957 (Nokia 208)
RM-954 (Nokia 207)
RM-955 (Nokia RM-955)
RM-951 (Nokia RM-951)
RM-961 (Nokia 107 Dual SIM)
RM-962 (Nokia 106)
RM-963 (Nokia 106)
RM-920 (Nokia Asha 503)
RM-922 (Nokia Asha 503 Dual SIM)
RM-947 (Nokia Asha 503)
RM-958 (Nokia Asha 503 Dual SIM)
RM-959 (Nokia Asha 503)
RM-934 (Nokia Asha 500 Dual SIM)
RM-994 (Nokia Lumia 1320)
RM-995 (Nokia Lumia 1320)
RM-996 (Nokia Lumia 1320)
RM-997 (Nokia Lumia 526)
RM-998 (Nokia Lumia 525)
RX-113 (Nokia Lumia 2520)
RX-114 (Nokia Lumia 2520)
RM-972 (Nokia Asha 500 Dual SIM)
RM-973 (Nokia Asha 500)
RM-986 (Nokia Asha 230)
RM-987 (Nokia Asha 230)
RM-969 (Nokia 220)
RM-970 (Nokia 220)
RM-971 (Nokia 220)
RM-980 (Nokia X)
RM-1011 (Nokia 225 Dual SIM)
RM-1012 (Nokia 225)
RM-1043 (Nokia 225 Dual SIM)
RM-981 (Nokia X)
RM-1053 (Nokia X+)
RM-1030 (Nokia XL)
RM-1042 (Nokia XL)
RM-894 (Nokia RM-894)
RM-1013 (Nokia X2 Dual SIM)
RM-1061 (Nokia RM-1061)
RM-1048 (Nokia RM-1048)
RM-1120 (Nokia 1050)
RM-1121 (Nokia 106)
RM-1122 (Nokia RM-120)
RM-1124 (Nokia 108 Dual SIM)
RM-1125 (Nokia 220 Dual SIM)
RM-1126 (Nokia 225 Dual SIM)


How to Flash Nokia Asha and Lumia Mobile Phones Without Box?

1. Extract the "Nokia Care Suite" .RAR file.
2. If you already installed Nokia lumia and MTK USB Driver, Just install Nokia Care Suite Setup Only, Otherwise install Nokia Care Suite Full Setup file.
3. After Installation Open "Application Launcher" App from this path "C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Nokia Care Suite\Application Launcher\bin"
4. Double Click on "Product Support Tool For Store 5", After Run Tool "Product Support Tool For Store" Click on Work Offline.
5. Click on "File" and click "Open Product".
6. Select Mobile type or Model and click "Open".
7. Paste flash file to this Directory "C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\Products" you want to flash.E.X : I want to flash/Unlock Nokia Lumia 610 RM-835 without Box.I Create a new folder "RM-835" to this directory and paste all nokia lumia 610 flash files here.If you need to download Nokia firmware flash use this tool "Nokia Firmware Suite v4.1".
8. Open Product Support Tool For Store tool and click on "> Programming" and select Recovery.Click on "Start".
9. Power Off the device, Remove battery, Re-insert battery back and Insert USB cable while pressing "Volume UP" button.
10. If you face flash error click on retry.
11. Flash 100% Done
If You Encountered Any Problem, Feel Free To Ask Just Leave A Comment And I Will Answer It As Soon As I Can. If You Find This Blog Helpful Please Share It To Your Friends And Don’t Forget To Like Our Facebook Page,

 Nokia Care Suite Download Here

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