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MS TOOLS V3.1 Free Download Here

Hello GSM!! MS Tools is windows application which allows you repair your android device , 
Today I present you MSTOOLS tool in its third release, which took us time, effort and fatigue
Free for you, Download Here on this page link will be given at the end of the post

All previous errors have been fixed, such as freezing the program, deleting the pattern of the hardware and changing the language without a routine
The color and shape of the façade has been changed to an easy and distinctive shape
The suspension issue has been fixed permanently
The commands have been changed and made faster and more efficient
More and more

Reboot and delete data directly from the Recycled Routine
Reactivation and activation of the intestines of samsung
Enter the refresh mode
Login to PasteBut mode
Login to EDL Mode for Koala Com Devices
Formation of the device
Delete style
Show style without format
Delete the password
Delete all passwords, pattern and lock the screen once
Delete your Gmail account
Install the Busybox files
Change the application installation area to external memory
Change the application installation area to internal memory
Activation of unknown sources
Delete viruses
Activation of precursors for QUALCOMM devices

Needs Rout
(LS740 - LS660 - LS620 - LS665 - LS770 - LS751 - LS970) Powered by:
Activation of intestines for all geological devices (routine needs)
Dependency of some of the devices without the need for a routine
LG Download mode
Get out of the Don Lod mode
Formation of the machines through the position of the Don Lod (repaired)
Delete the pattern via the DownLoad mode (has been repaired)

ZIP file from any folder
Direct boot from boot.img + recovery.img files
Refreshing file recovery.img
Unzip the boot.img file
Unzip the system.img file
Flashing the radio.img file
Check connected devices
Open the botder
Shut down the bot
Get your htc token code
Write IMEI
Read the CID
Write the CID
Remove the FRP to Samsung hardware in three steps (some operations require steps to be taken by the program)
Remove FRP for MOTOROLA devices
Remove FRP for MTK devices
Remove FRP for SPD devices
FRP is available via FastPut for the following devices (LENOVO - XIAOMI - MICROMAX - DEEP - HTC)
Skip the FRP for LG hardware scams via the Down Mode mode
Skip the FRP through the connection hole to the PORT COM port
Obtain the device information through the PORT COM port
Obtain the program number and serial number through the PORT COM port
Routes for all versions of 4.1.2 to 6.0.1 (NT Repair)
Rout has been added to all devices
A special routine has been added to the Kingroot application
A special superuser routine has been added
Special Edition 4.4.2 (Reform)
Routine of old editions
· Add all routine applications

Change the language to Arabic, English, French and Farsi without a routine
Change the language to all languages ​​and countries of the world without a routine
Activate all languages ​​for SAMSUNG needs routine
Activation of all twists for HTC hardware needs to be routed
Backup and restore all user data to any folder in the computer
Back up SMS messages
Withdraw the system from the phone and includes sectors (aboot - boot - cache - carrier - efs - modem - modemst1 - modemst2 - recovery - system - userdata)
Drag applications of system files from the device to any folder in the computer You can drag the entire systerm folder or separate app - framework - priv - app folders
Push applications from any folder in a computer to a system application framework - priv-app - app (has been repaired)
Drag the build.prop file into the program to make your modifications and relaunch it to the machine (repaired)
Install Apk
Install applications from any folder in the computer to the phone
Disassemble and compile applications from any folder in your computer

Dismantling system.img
Dismantling system.img.ext4
Convert system.img to to and from any folder in the computer
Convert and unzip the system.img to system.img.raw
Convert system.img.raw to system.img
Convert system.img files to boot.img cache.img to ext4

Wait for more
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