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OMH Android service tool is windows application which allows you to repair your android device, this toool support almost all android device , this too is more useful for mayanmar user , they can install mayanmar font in android device and it's suppt all android version 2.3 to 4.4. to 7.0 .

# Myanmar Font for Android Version 2.3 to 7(rooted)
# COC Font for Android Version 2.3 to 7(rooted)
Android Change Mode
(From Normal mode to Recovery modr)
(From Normal mdoe to Fastboot mode)
(From Normal mode to Download mode)
From Normal mode to edl mode)

Mi UserLock Services

# Mi Screen Lock ( from sideload)
# Mi Screen Lock ( from fastboot)
# Mi Screen Lock ( from 9008 (any device, Check list model))
Support Model List
Mi Note Pro
Mi 4
Mi 4C
Mi 4i
Mi 4S
Mi 5
Redmi 3S
Redmi 3X
Redmi note3

Android Service
(# Android Version 2.3 to 5.0 rooting)
(# Un root)
( Screen lock remove from adb mode)
Android Removing
( # Monkey Virus killer)
(# Frp remove from adb and fastboot mode)

You will be able to extract Model
In the Android Services
You must attack the root
Root Android Version 2.3 5.0 Support ပါတယ်ခင်ဗျာ
If you do not need to root ဖျက်တဲ့ here added
Other Brand adb root drive to lose data and the Screen Lock
You must extract a
The next action will be able to extract the Fastboot you
In the Android Removing
You can clear the recent problems Monkey Virus
You need to have (Note - Root
Frp Lock You can be extracted via the ADB Fastboot through
Fastboot Method offers two convenient because Extract Method
you can
In the Android Data Reset
Through Android Userdata ADB Root Extract or via Fastboot
You can extract
Your phone Su Error Superuser apk Error that will solve everything here added
Drive etc.
Next to his phone to clear the unnecessary files Temp / Jump
You acquiring added
Next Root and Normal Mode to install Imei Write here
well you
Tool You can download below if necessary
Size There is a 12MB file you
Download Link You can download offers two convenient link

Setup Key : 3XDBI4


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