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Regeneration Huawei Unbricker (Beta1)

Hello GSM Technicians ,  Today I'm going to share with you a small tool for Huawei mobile software repairing, download Regeneration Huawei Unbricker (Beta1) version here ,This Tool created by brother Phyo Chan.  I hope this will help you.

Both phones Huawei Logo
Dead or tool,
To use your phone's feature requires Official Firmware (
The advantage of this tool
Huawei phone Board Firmware loaded
A Theme, Noti, Network Lock, imei longer there would be no side effects such as
Use Software.
To Extract.
Will be based on File Size
The phone is a Qualcomm 9008 Mode 0.
knitted jig supported 0 0 Test point 0 0 0 convenient.
Click Software, click on the Start Flashing
Qualcomm 9008 to make Firmware Flashing.
Depending on the Partition Size.
The advantage of this Software
Huawei Qualcomm phones
The high-low Build Number Flashing
Theme, Noti and do not need to do anything bad
Network Lock, the IMEI is not lost
Select Comport booth Auto Detect
CPU selected booth Auto Detect
Whether easy to use pinch
G730-U30, G620s-Ul00 can use other Model.
CPU by as much as 8 × 10,8 × 26,8916,8909 CPU 🙂
Beta 1

Tool Name : Regeneration Huawei Unbricker (Beta1)
Size : 3.97 MB
Licence : Freeware
Developer : Phyo Chan
Direct Link

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