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Universal test socket EMMC153/169 eMCP162/186/221/529 support many different eMMC chips
Universal test socket EMMC153/169 eMCP162/186/221/529 support SD port ,EPR port ,UFI port ,easy-JTAG port

One element is equal to the previous four elements =EMMC153/169+EMCP162/186+EMCP221+EMCP529, while adding three dimensional frame
Not only a function, the SD interface to connect the computer directly to achieve U disk function, such as testing, reading and writing, reading and writing data, formatting, etc..
Interface Moke, directly even to Moke instrument to, realize some function of instrument Moke, Moke can do, he a are not less.
From the East China Sea interface, directly connected to the EPR in the East China Sea to realize the partition programming function, and so on.

The most important point, do not needhigh priceTo buy these programming instrument manufacturers of the element. And a more important one is that weProfessional element seventeenIn the year, does not develop the software, also does not develop the instrument, only does the element. Do the elementsThe best in the world, it is best to use. So, other manufacturers of the production of the elements, the ten may only be measured three times, our home is ten times, measured ten times. Mobile chip IC expensive, false test one, that is, the cost of. Moreover, we are one of the elements is equal to three elements! What are you thinking about? Do not rest assured, Taobao seven days unconditional return refund! In the East China Sea with the old customer, we know that we are good at!
This product provides SD interface, compatible with the market a variety of programmer, can be matched with a box of East China Sea, E-MATE box, UFI box, easy-JTAG, MOORC etc., support font chip types are widely. Mobile phone repair, data recovery tool
The three types of eMMC153/169, eMCP162/186, eMCP221 IC sharing of a test seat, only need in the SD interface the motherboard different positions of mobile installation test seat can realize the test / repair different kinds of font chip!

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