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Mediatek (Mtk) smartphone flashing Tutorial

How to Flash your Android Phone?

Android is a great operating system but it keeps upgrading the versions and you have to flash your Android phone to go with the flow. I bought a phone just a year ago. It was gorgeous to look, took very nice pictures and most importantly it had the latest version of Android.

So, I was happy and thought it worth every penny I spent. But now it does not get new updates and the performances are little slow. I was just about to think to dump it but later thought, why I don’t just flash my favorite Android phone. I mean it can give my phone a new life to breathe. And as a bonus, it can add a ton of useful features with a new custom ROM by flashing the phone.

Flash your Android phone more easily.

Before flash your Android phone let’s have a little discussion about what is flash or what is flashing a custom ROM. Then we will process for how to flash an android phone.

Flash- Loading a different version of the Android OS on your phone. A full Android OS which is customized by the ROM builder usually to provide great battery life, make it faster and add latest features.

For example, ROMs like CyanogenMod is popular ROM for Android. It offers a stock Android which will remove things which previously added. Like, it can remove HTC’s sense or else spirit Apps. Going for the process of flash your custom ROM, root your device first. Let’ see how to flash your Android phone.

How to Flash?

In here I am going to explain you about all the steps of flash a custom ROM as simply as I can.

At first, download the latest smartphone (SP) flash tool Here & extract the file on your computer. Now follow the steps.

1st Step- Open the file from your computer.

2nd Step- Now open smartphone (SP) flash Tool.


3rd step- Open the Download Option from a smartphone (SP) flash tool.


4th Step- Then, open the Scatter-Loading file Option.

5th Step- Now, from firmware folder, select Scatter file.

Image result for Mediatek (Mtk) smartphone flashing Tutorial

6th Step- Press the Download/Upgrade button. Wait until the flash process is done.

Image result for Mediatek (Mtk) smartphone flashing Tutorial

7th Step- Now remove the USB cable, reconnect the battery & press Vol. Up key and a few minuts 

Image result for Mediatek (Mtk) smartphone flashing Tutorial

8th Step– Your flash/update is complete.

For better Understanding see this Video 


After completing flashing your device, you may need to flash the IMEI. Flashing IMEI can be done by using IMEI tool. Flash the original IMEI when you flash the Android which comes with your phone.

In conclusion, your new shiny new ROM is ready for action. But it’s totally empty, no browser or Play Store is in there. Don’t bemused seeing the empty ROM. You can download your necessary flash apps or just transfer the necessary files from PC. So, this is all about how to flash your Android phone in an easier way. Hope this will help. For know more about customizing ROM, flash apps both open sourced and closed sourced stay tuned.

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