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NTool version 0.025 released!

NTool version 0.025 released!
New features: - Support for IMEI/MAC/BT repair of Nokia 2, Nokia 5, Nokia 6, Nokia 6.1, Nokia 7, Nokia 7 plus, Nokia 8 Sirocco added.
Quick NTool operation instructions: - Make sure you do not have any other applications, which can use ADB, like Samsung companion or other tools
- Install NOKIA HMD drivers from Drivers folder (this should be done once, of course)
- Press the "SERVICE" button
- Connect POWERED OFF phone
- Wait, until the "WRITE" button will appear, correct IMEI/MAC/BT addresses and press the "WRITE" button
- Do not do anything on phone during the process!

Credits consumption: - 1 credit for flashing/service (charged once for one phone)
- 1 credit for bootloader unlock generation (charged each

Supported HMD smartphone:

Nokia 1 (Frontier)

Nokia 2 (Dynamo)

Nokia 3 (Essential)

Nokia 5 (Core)

Nokia 6 (Plate)

Nokia 6 (Plate2 2018)

Nokia 7 (Charm)

Nokia 7 Plus (Onyx)

Nokia 8 (Avenger Sirocco)

Nokia 8 (Bang)

Nokia X6 (Dragon)

Supported functions:

Flashing of an original.NB0 files or original unpacked.NB0
!!! make sure you use proper firmware for your phone model !!!

Service operation (repair IMEI/MAC/BT)

FRP reset

Bootloader unlocks signature generation (also available remote bootloader unlock for customers via IMEI and serial!)
!!! make sure you double check IMEI and SERIAL NUMBER BEFORE REQUEST !!!

All operations ( flash, repair IMEI/MAC/BT, FRP reset, bootloader unlock ) work without testpoint! ( no need open and damage new phone! )

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