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Falcon Qualcomm Module V3.0 Released

Falcon Box is a Multi-Platform tool for many popular CPUs such as MTK, Qualcomm, SPD etc. Falcon Dongle is a new generation mobile phones repair software tool for HTC | BlackBerry |Huawei | Samsung | Qualcomm | ZTE | LG and other well-known brands.

Falcon Box has been released Qualcomm Module V3.0.

[+] Restore Backup Full Emmc Raw Dump in Edl Mode*
Make sure you have enough space on the system before Reading
[+] Analyse Emmc Firehose Loader* (Useful for Analyses)
[+] Enabled Full Speed Write XML
Improved Write Speed
[+] Improved Universal Screen locks Reset without Root
[+] Model-Based Solutions for Following:

[+] Remove Frp 3 Different Methods
[+] Safe Factory Reset in Edl Mode
[+] Read Pattern Lock in Edl Mode 
[+] Remove pin, Pattern, Password in Edl Mode
[+] Read Info in Normal,Diag,Fastboot,EDl Mode
[+] Direct Unlock in Adb / EDL Mode*
[+] Enable Diag
[+] Read Write / Reset Efs in Adb - Edl - Fastboot
[+] Read Write / Reset Oem in Edl Mode
[+] Read-Write Qcn in Diag Mode
[+] Imei Repair 3 Different Methods
[+] Read-Write Erase Firmware 
[+] Read-Write Raw Dump

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