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Google App Uninstaller ( Google Debloater by DL V 1.3)

This Program will remove unnecessary Google apps from yur Android device, Make sure you baced up your app data and enable USB Debugging, Under the developer option on your device sttings. Most device will not be compatible the feature described as 'Remove from ROM'.

Windows PC
Android device
USB Cable
USB debugging

  • Go to device information and tap 7x on Miui version (for Xiaomi) to enable Developer options
  • Go to developer options and enable USB Debungging (very important)
  • Connect your device to your PC
  • Extract attached file and run 'Danieleal Google Debloater v1.2.exe
  • Allow ADB connection on your android device
  • Chose which packages to remove
  • DONE!
  • Risk: none.


v1.1 update on 19/12/2017

  • added personalized icon
  • added ADB dependencies so it won't need to be run in adb folder - standalone exe
  • added version information
  • added multiple options menu to choose which apps to remove
  • corrected bug that after typing wrong choice would run 'All Apps' removal script
  • corrected android logo and changed color, - corrected issue running .exe file that couldn't open on any computer other than mine
  • adb will run as the exe is opened

2 update on 20/12/2017

  • ADB will start after confirming device is conneted
  • added Google Maps removal option

v1.3 update on 24/12/2017
  • Renamed program
  • Redesigned layout
  • Added option to remove package from ROM (Most devices wont'be compatible with this featrure)
  • All related processes will be killed when quitting

File Name: Google Debloater 
Download Version: V1.3
File type: compressed/Zip File
File Size: 930KB
Virus status: scanned by Avast security.
Compatibility: For Windows computer.

Download : Follow the link..
Download Google Debloater by DL V 1.3

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