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Motorola FRP Removal Tool / Motorola Frp Unlock Tool

MotoReaper is a tool created by RootJunky and GeoSn0w.  MotoReaper can be used to removal FRP from Motorola devices and has been tested on Android versions 5.1, 6.0, and 7.0. It is very likely that it will even work on Android 7.1 but time will tell on that version. Please report back if it does work on your Android 7.1 Motorola device. The best part is that MotoReaper is universal when it comes to Motorola device and will work on 100% of phones on these Android versions. This tool is very easy to use with just a couple buttons and some simple steps to follow. At this point Phonlab has only release MotoReaper to it’s students so if you want to use it on your Motorola device then head over to Phonlab and enroll now.


Wipe data factory reset the Motorola device
Reboot and wait for the phone to fully boot up to the start screen.
Do not connect to WiFi just leave the device on the start screen.
Run MotoReaper and follow the steps as the tool directs you.

Download From Here

 Motorola FRP Removal Tool

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