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It’s a horrible feeling when your phone is locked behind a passcode you just can’t remember.
Even worse is being locked out of the device entirely.
Kids and sneaky friends are usually the worst culprits for messing with your password, but that’s what you get if you leave your device lying around unattended.
It’s probably also your fault for having such interesting text messages and apps. (As you might be able to tell, I have a few…let’s call them “curious” friends.)
Anyway, if you can’t get past the lockscreen on your device, we’ve prepared a list with methods that should prove to be helpful no matter what the situation is.

Method 1: Using your Google Account Password
Time: 1 Minute
You Will Need:
Your DeviceAccess to your synced Google account
This method uses your Google Recovery account to unlock the device from your lockscreen. One of the perks of Google Account integration is that it’s intertwined with most devices, and it’ll prove helpful here.
To get started;
Tap Forgot Password? To open a new menu. (This option is only available on some devices.)
Enter your Google account details in the menu shown and tap Sign in.
Your device will now unlock, and you will have full access.
(The lock code will also reset, which means you shouldn’t have problems in the future.) Make sure to set a new lock code as soon as possible to keep your device secure.
If your Google account information isn’t working, you can try one of the other methods on this list, or there are numerous ways to recover your Google account information using your PC. You can go directly toGoogle’s account recovery page, and follow the steps to reset via the associated email address.

Method 2: If You’ve Entered an Incorrect Password/Pattern Too Many Times
Time: 1 Minute
You Will Need:
Your DeviceA little patience
This is easy enough to solve. The simplest method is to wait for the timer to run out so you can try to input the password or pattern lock again. If someone has been fiddling with your device, it shouldn’t take too long for the timer to reset. (Usually it should take about 30 seconds before it allows you to have another go or five.
If you just can’t wait for the timer, you may be able to use an associated Google account to unlock the phone, using the same steps listed in the previous method;
Tap Forgot Password? To open a new menu. (This option is only available on some devices.)
Enter your Google Account details here.
Your device will now unlock, and you will have full access. (It will also reset your password.)

Method 3: The ADB Method (Android Debug Bridge)
Time: 5 Minutes
You Will Need:
Your DeviceUSB CableAccess to a PC
Note: The ADB method will only work if you’ve previously installed the Android Device Bridge (ADB) to your device. If you’re not sure, it’s very unlikely this method will help you.
The ADB is used to create a bridge between your PC and your Android device. This bridge can be used to unlock the device and to access your files. Since this method will only work if you have ADB enabled, it’s not going to be helpful for most users.
If you’re one of the lucky few;
Download the Android SDK package on your PC.
Make sure to download the correct version for your PC. Once downloaded, extract the zip file on your PC.
Download the relevant USB drivers for your phone. You can get the USB drivers for your device from your manufacturer’s website.
Launch the Command Prompt on your PC and change the directory to where the ADB file is located. Type in the following command in Command Prompt.
cd C:/android/platform-tools
Connect your Android phone to your PC using a micro USB cable and enter the following command. If your phone is recognized, you’ll see some numbers in the Command Prompt message.
adb device
Type in the following two commands. You’ll need to type in the second command immediately after the first one. Replace 1234 in the first command with your actual password.
adb shell input text 1234
shell input keyevent 66
If the process is successful, your phone should be unlocked. You can now backup your important files and contacts.

Method 4: Registered Samsung Device
Time: 1 Minute
You Will Need:
Your deviceA registered Samsung accountA PC
If you have a Samsung account registered with your device, you can use the Samsung website to remotely unlock your screen. The problem is, many users don’t bother to register. This is another method that will probably only help a small section of people, but it could still be handy.
Open the Samsung website on your PC and login with your account information.
Select your device from the taskbar on the left.
Find the option called Unlock my screen on the sidebar. Tap it, and your device should now be unlocked.
Method 5: Factory Reset
Time: 10 Minutes
You Will Need:
Your device
A USB cable
A factory reset is a drastic method that will delete all data from your device.
Warning: This method will allow you to access your device, but it will delete all data (images, contacts, videos, apps etc) from your phone. This should be used as a last resort.
The worst thing is, normally it’s advised to make a backup of all of your data before a factory reset. If you’re stuck behind a lockscreen it’ll limit just how much data you can access and backup. (Thankfully, the contents of your SD card will remain untouched by the reset.)
So what can you do? To back up your images when the screen is locked;
Connect your device to your computer using a micro USB cable.Find your phone and open the main folder with your PC.Your pictures should be located in the folder named DCIM.Copy the folder to your computer to save the files.Repeat the process for any other folders you would like to save.
You can also remove your SD card if you wish.
Now that’s out of the way, let’s get down to the factory reset. Depending on your device, the steps may be a little different, but the end result will always be the same. Most devices will let you to hard reset by accessing recovery mode.
Turn the device on, and hold down a combination of your buttons to access the boot menu. (For example, the Samsung Galaxy S6 requires you to hold down Power, Volume up andHome.)
If you can’t find the correct combo, it should be easy to find the information online. It’s usuallyPower, Volume down and Camera for most Android devices.
Use your volume keys to navigate up and down, and the Power key to confirm your selection.
Find the option that will allow you to Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
Confirm that you want to wipe your device, and the phone should now begin the process. (It can take several minutes to complete, depending on the amount of data on your phone.)
When completed, the device will restart without the passcode, but also without your data.

Passcodes are meant to protect us, but they can also be a double-edged sword in the wrong hands. Hopefully, we’ve been able to help you get back into your locked device without resorting to a factory reset, but sometimes you will have no other option if you can’t remember the code and you need to use the device.
If you’ve reset your passcode, make sure to set up another as soon as possible to avoid any further problems. It might be a pain at times, but if your phone is lost or stolen at least your personal information will be safe.
If we’ve missed an easy way to unlock an Android phone, or you have questions about one of the methods on this list, let us know in the comments below.

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