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Android Rom Dumper 1.3.5 Tool (Samsung)

Android Rom Dumper 1.3.5 Tool is a small application for windows it's allows you to backup Android Rom from any Android device (Need Root).This is the first release of this tool , it can backup android phones partitions , and dump full Samsung rom with .md5 extension.

The tool contains the following:

1. The rectangle contains connected devices and the device to be operated is selected.

2. Refresh: scans the currently connected devices.

Check Root: Checks the routine of the phone.

4. Reset ADB: Restart the phone connection program if other programs are trying to connect to the phone.

5- Log: Contains information released from the program.

6. Read Data: Reads the device's sections and brings them to the table.

7 - Read using root: Some devices do not read the sections except with a routine, so this option must be activated.

8- Dump: Starts the process of dragging selected sections and transferring them to the phone.

9- Make Samsung Rom: Drag only the system file and convert it to tar.md5 for browsing by Odin.

10 img or img.ext4: Select the file system suffix that follows the button 9.

Works on most Android devices with 4.1.2 and above.
Pull any section of the device.
Automatic recognition of the device partition file system.
Transfer files to and from the device.
Pulls flash devices Samsung.
Convert Flash to md5 format.
Install them to browse the Odin program.
The program is free for life.

Android Rom Dumper 1.3.5
Developed By: Team
Licence : Freeware
Support: Windows


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