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Android Multi Tools V1.02 Reset User Lock ,Gmail , Wipe Data Download Link Is Here

Android Multi Tools_V1.02 /RESET User Lock ,Gmail , Wipe Data By AzimBahar

All kind of android mobile phone and tablet

First, the Driver must be installed on the machine before then.
1-6 commands can be used with the open marriage Debug Mode only.
7-9 can be used with the machine that faithful into Fastboot Mode only.

Profile commands.
1.Check Device used to check the connection of the machine mode ADB.
2.Reset User Lock Code using the tools that are in the data is not lost.
3.Reset Gesture Lock machines that are used to draw a line through the data is not lost. After the installation is complete, it will fire up. Then draw anything for a closed lock.
4.Reset GMail using the machine to try to unlock the machine several times to enter to unlock.
5.Wipe Data used to resolve the symptoms or slow down. Or that an error or some missing.
6.Reboot to reboot your PC or from adb shell.
7.Check Device On Fastboot Mode to check the connection of the machine mode FastBoot.
8.Wipe Data / Cache On Fastboot Mode This command is available only Fastboot Mode to resolve the symptoms or slow down. Or that an error or some missing. That is often found in the CPU Spreadtrum.
9.Exit Fastboot Mode to reboot your PC or exit FastBoot.

Press the number that corresponds to the condition of the machine and then hit enter.

This program is conducted by a single line with Thailand Central Thailand Central branch line to the site and permission granted to share

Tool Name : Android Multi Tools
Tool Version: 1.02
Credit : AzimBahar
Licence : Freeware
Download Link : 4Shared
Download without Password

Download Android Multi Tools V1.02

More Info :

Credit       :  Android Multi Tools V1.02 created and distributed by AzimBahar

Compatible :Android Multi Tools V1.02  runs smoothly on Windows Xp , Windows 7, to Windows 10 (32Bit , 64 Bit)

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