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Asus Zenfone Flash Tool

Asus Zenfone flash tool is a small application that is popular at the present time, which this application allows you to flash stock Firmware on Asus Zenfone Device. Asus Flash tool is a free program that you can use Asus Android phones such as Zenfone and tablets. Android phones share the same basic base code but hardware brands do add their own software on of it. Similar to companion software, the Asus Zenfone Flash tool also allows for creating backups which applies user data. These brands are proprietary and need to be flashed on specific flash stock firmware on your android running zenfone. Just download and install the latest version of ASUS flash tool software from our website and install it on your PC and start flashing your ASUS device now.

 Asus Zenfone Flash Tool 

Asus Zenfone Flash Tool is a small application that allows you to flash all Asus Zenfone and Tablet.

Download Asus Flash Tool

Flash Firmware
Yes this Tool allows you to flash the firmware on almost all Asus Smartphones and tablets.

Backup Apps
Allows you to be able to backup applications from your device and save them to your computer, but this feature does not allow existing data in the apps used to restore application settings.

Backup System Apps
This allows you to back up your pre-installed (system) apps from your Asus Smartphone and tablet to your computer. The backup will be saved in .ab format on your computer.

Restore Backup
This allows you to restore backups you have created including backups of custom apps and pre-installed (system) applications from your computer.

How to install Asus Zenfone flash tool:
At first open the website then just download Asus Zenfone Flash tool on PC.
Then install click option the Asus Zenfone Flash tool.
By using Asus Zenfone Flash tool you can flash Stock ROM on any Asus Smartphone or tablets. After launching the Asus Zenfone Flash tool, just connect your Asus device with pc via USB cable and select the correct version of Stock ROM which you to want.
Then the last just hit the Start button to start the flashing process.
Advantage of Asus ZenFone Flash tool:
Flash firmware:

It can use you to flash the stock firmware on almost any Asus Smartphone and tablets. Simply download the application and install it.

Ability to Backup apps:

Asus ZenFone Flash tool allow you take backup all users app and you can save it on your PC.

Progress Bar:

The UI is very straight forward once you select your file and start the procedure, the program will display a live progress bar showing activity. This is useful to make that data is being transferred the program hasn’t stopped.

Upgrade option:

Upgrade and downgrade you can use this tool to either upgrade to the newer firmware version or downgrade to older version.

Restore Backup:

Asus Zenfone Flash tool also allow you to restore the backup you have made including the custom Apps Backup and pe-installed apps from the computer.

Supporting Windows Versions:

All Mobiles M TK USB driver auto installer are for windows computer only. And you can download these drives to work with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. However other than these Windows version, the mediate driver installer will not work.

Offline flashing:

Asus Flash tool is offline flash tool no need to internet connection for flashing.Asus Flash Tools Creadited by xda-developers.

How to use:
Connect your mobile to PC in any mode (Normal mode,Recovery mode or Fastboot mode).

Now open "Zenfone Flasher tool" from desktop shortcut or type "asus" in run window.

Now click on "Disconnected" button to connect your mobile to flashtool. When it shows "Connected with Green light" that means your mobile connected and all info about your mobile will be display on Screen.

Now click on "Browse" button to choose ROM to install.  Wait until file loaded Successfully, when file loaded successfully "Start" button will be enable.

Click on "Start" Button. Now message box will open follow instruction on "message box". Don't click on "Resume" button until you follow all steps on "message box"

now click on resume button and wait to complete task.

 Now restart your mobile and done.

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