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Important knowledge about android file system

Hello Guys , today i will share with you a very important knowledge about Android file system, this will help you to mobile software repairing ,  What is QCN,What is NV, What is CERT What PIT, What EFS, What PDA, What are those files and their function in the software process
Do you want to know what is the role of these files
EFS / PIT / CERT / NV / QCN / Kernal
so lets start know,

 Kernel file
 A core file as a link between the hard ware (disconnect the device in Albordh), software (operating system) such as speed control Albrosisr and other functions
And also causes a problem of sudden death in devices such as the 9300 and the 7100
Other explanations are:
1 _ rum and files
Samsung devices in the system right now is a system Android and in which several versions and names and some versions where the Virgin is different from the other, namely:
1_ Froyo
Issuing 2.2
2_ Gingebread
Issuing 2.3.3 & 2.3.7
3_ ice cream sandwich
Issuing 4.0.3 & 4.0.4
4_ jelly bean
Issuing 4.1.1 & 4.1.2 & 4.2.2 & 4.3
5_ kitkat
Issuing 4.4.2 & 4.4.4
6_ Lollipop
Issued 5.0 & 5.0.1 & 5.0.2 & 5.1.1
7_ marshmallow
Issuing 6.0
The rum is a copy of Android system, there are two of them official ROMs and Romat modified
It contains rum on a 4 You
1_ Boot
It is a compiled code be the first code passes the processor in the system and is then sprayed kernel which launched a series definitions to cut Albordh to operate the system
2_ PDA
It is the main operating system file in the device and is usually larger than the remaining files and is responsible for all orders in the system, including a copy Alandroed and updates its own as it can be downloaded to the unit to update the system to a newer version
3_ Phone
It holds my mobile network and Wi-Fi and the GPS system and the modem can download the memory stick to the device without this file, especially in cases of Aldongrad as to avoid network problems
4_ CSC
It is the language file in the device and can be downloaded alone only for the Arabization of the device in the case were not there the Arabic language
What is your root:
It is a process of software are in the Android system to open the way for some of the applications that need the power to your root to get to the root of the Android system to be able to change or modify it and months, his site is cf auto root
There are other sites and other types depending on model of the machine
And also we need so much in a soft ware and programming operations in the event of Cert or download a file or file QCN open the closed phone network or repair the imei and the like
Alrikfra average:
A file consists of several types of the most famous and best-of CWM is also no type named TWRP type named Phil
Multiple ones and benefits after downloading it on the device can work recounted the device through it, or carry out the installation of the modified Romat and through which open the lock screen (pattern or PIN code) and also carry out file backup
Test Mode Mode:
It is the yellow writing that appears on the mobile screen and show the problem sometimes for dealing with the regions and the efs nvm and the modem
And insurmountable enter this code
* # 87976633 #
And also there is some solution in a GSM News disbale test mode property

 EFS file
Full name Embedde file system
It encryption protection zone in the device file contains the information imei and the baseband
In the event of a hardware problem concerning encryption and protection we need to resend download efs file for the device, but we will lose the imei and we must fix it later on a single GSM News
PIT file
It is used usually with Romat 4 files must be compatible with the device and with the memory size of the device is in turn reorganizes the internal memory division, a process called Repartition
 NV file
It used to treat network failures and the loss of the imei sometimes

Cert file
More importantly, in most Samsung devices from the years 2014 and 2015, where he got a high protection on the file imei it is a certificate of imei
You can drag a file the Cert of the device and move it to another device and also in the case of a closed device on the network can drag a file Cert from last ergonomics and writing device on the closed device to function normally, but before the process of downloading the file must be in the device Root to allow access to the protection zones and also benefit in the event of damage to the imei or presence of imei but the network does not exist in the device emergency calls only
 QCN file
An acronym
For Qualcomm calibration network
It is calibrated Alkualcolm networks file, a file can be withdrawn and re-downloaded from all devices that carry Qualcomm processor and we need in the case of scanning the efs files or and Lahoud glitch in the network such as the interruption must be wary of writing it by mistake to avoid falling into the problem (issue unknown scale Unknown baseband )
We can not cure this error in this file with the wrong file to download this problem occurs.

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