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IR-Key Suite V5.0.15 Latest Crack

IR-Key Suite 5.0.15 Released(HTC Phone info by PN, sd card dump/restore) IR-Key Suite 5.0.15 Released
*** HTC Phone info by PN *** *** SD Card dump/restore *** View start Version 5

Ir Key is a tool specially for HTC phones where you can unlock bootloader, build roms, Modify roms and all functions functions you can think of. Most of it's operations are done in ADB mode and through Fastboot mode. It's a great tool from developers but IrKey team discontinued their project since 2016. The last release was version 5.0.15 so we are now releasing free for many to gain their experience of this tool.

(The first release of product)
  • Recovery mixer (Creating auto custom recovery file, and install it for all models of Android.
  • Supporting non mtk htc phones.
  • Application Manager (Installer | Backup).
  • Backup & Restore options.
  • Boot animation (Installer | Backup | Make).
  • File Manager.
  • Flasher (Hboot update | Fastboot & RUU update | Flash image from normal & recover |
  • Recovery flasher(online & offline) | Zip flasher from recovery).
  • Hboot editor.
  • Information (Normal read all info | cpu info | Fastboot all info |
  • Read installed rom info from normal & recovery | Find rom in
  • Partition tools (Dump tools[restore & backup] | hboot restore & backup | Recovery mixer |
  • unsecure boot maker | Format & wipe | Mount options).
  • Repaire tools (s-on | repair cid | repair imei | repair mid | repair md5 mismatched |
  • miscellaneous options | repair main version).
  • ROM Tools (ROM decryptor | Packager | GoldCard | Errors Information).
  • Root (Temporary root | Permanent root).
  • Screen control.
  • Terminal (adb | shell | fastboot).
  • Unlock & Lock (1'click bootloader unlock | unline update bootloader | Relock bootloader |
  • Password & pattern unlock).
  • User Interface (Font installer | Language enabler | kii keyboard).
  • Online htc rom finder in
  • And more ...
The next updates will be added:
CPU support of MTK, SPD, Cotex, RK, Intel, repair IMEI, flash and update, for the construction of a custom ROM, and all your needs.

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